My Family

My Family

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catch Up

Lots of stuff going on - I haven't posted for a long time. I don't really have tons of time to do that right now either, but just an update...

1. We finally finished all of the childrens' clothing sales for our foundation, The Four of Hearts. We made over $3000, so we are feeling really good about it. Most of the money will go toward the feeding program for the kids in the village of Los Roblos in Guatemala. When Kris talked to the orphanage director, she asked if they could use some of the money for a new pre-natal program they are starting... they want to give a dozen eggs and a container of Incamparina (a protein type drink) to each pregnant woman in the village, each week, hoping that it will help them to be more healthy, and that their milk will be able to come in, so they can breast-feed instead of feeding the babies water. 80 babies died in the village last year because their moms couldn't feed them. So sad. I'm so glad that we can help. All the hard work (and I do mean HARD) was worth it.

2. I started a new job - about 20 hours a week. I'm the assistant for a financial advisor, and I, admittedly, know NOTHING about the business. I'm nervous. I'll do fine, but it sure is hard going back to work. Even just part time. But, the good part is that I'll be able to work from my home office, so I won't be GOING anywhere really. Sweet, huh?

3. I was just asked to substitute teach for the 16-17 year old Sunday school class this coming Sunday. *cringe* Last time I was the teacher for that class (7 years ago), I got so annoyed with them NOT listening to me, and making too much freakin' noise, that I told everyone who wanted to learn about the scriptures to come over on the right side of the room. Only about 4 did (Grant was one of them - he knew better than to cross Mom!), and then I closed the divider between the two rooms! I taught the class of kids that came with me, and left the other kids to do whatever they wanted to. I was SO mad. It completely ruined my Sunday. I'm usually really good with teenagers - I taught early morning seminary and loved it! But I can only be just SO patient, and then it's better to just walk away. Later that day, the doorbell rang, and when I opened it - there were the little buggers, with a plate of cookies for me, and an apology. (I think it was the girls' idea, but the boys came too - probably because the girls made them!). Let's hope this Sunday will be better than the one 7 years ago.

4. I'm working with Bethanie and Colette (my fellow cancer survivors), and my plastic surgeon's office, to organize our new Breast Cancer support group. It's taking awhile. We finally decided on a name - Sister Survivors. The biggest road block right now is our logo. We've come up with a few, but can't all agree on just one. The latest idea is that we need to use the breast cancer ribbon in our logo, so I've come up with one that is symbolic of different women coming together to help each other. Here is it...

(this is just my hand drawing - nothing fancy. It will look better when it's professionally done.)

I haven't heard back from everyone, and we can't really go forward until we've made a decision. Everything is waiting on this - the website/blog, the business cards, the posters, signs, everything. *sigh*

5. I got my hair cut and colored. First time since my hair started coming back in. It's nice to have a style now instead of just a head of hair growing back in all different lengths. My boys told me I needed to do something - fast - because the back was growing faster than the top, and it looked like I had a mullet - a major hair disaster! (I don't even know how to spell mullet!)

6. We are moving forward with Michael's mission preparations. He'll get ordained as an Elder this Sunday, and then start the mission papers. On the advise of the bishop, he is getting his passport this week. He might not need it, but it's good to be more prepared. I bet we'll be able to finish his papers super fast. He could have his mission call within a month! We are so excited!

7. My parents are leaving tomorrow to travel around the country - and I do mean AROUND. They are traveling from here - in a big circle - to the east coast (Virginia) and then back. They are taking their new 5th wheel trailer, and they'll be gone a whole month! Ah, to be young and in love! WAIT! Ah, to be RETIRED and in love. What fun!

8. I bought a treadmill from the mom of one of Grant's friends. Now, I just have to use it. Yeah.

9. Grant just returned from a vacation with his friends to San Diego. They drove - 2 cars. They had a blast. There are cool pictures of him doing all kinds of things. Here's one of the pictures...

When I saw this cool surfer dude picture, I asked Grant if they actually knew how to surf. He said no, but they looked it up on the internet before they went! Oh, and he also watched a surfing documentary on TV. So... that's good. (?!) Surfer dude? More like surfer dork! But, he does look pretty cool in the picture, right?

Well, my time is up - I have to go get ready now (for work). Have a great day!

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Stephen and Debbie said...

That story about the Sunday School students is hilarious!
Good luck with the Job. It sounds like a great thing for you.

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