My Family

My Family

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did I Really Complain?

Hmmm. Well, that last post made me sound like a really mean momma. I'm not! I actually love it when my kids need me. That doesn't happen very often anymore. It's nice when Grant calls me and just wants to talk and tell me how his day went, or what things he's been up to. The deep talks with Michael are one of my favorite things - and sharing his love of politics. Alex is so funny - he makes me laugh every day, especially when he calls from the park (about 200 feet from my house) and asks if I can come pick him up, because it's SO hot. *snicker*. And Matthew - what can I say about him? I'll go get him from school anyday.

In a few short years (we're talking, maybe 6), all my kids will be gone, and I'll wish I could be interrupted at work with "rescue me" phone calls. Just sayin'.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Be Careful...

It seems like now that I'm a "stay at home mom" again - my kids have decided that they don't need to stay at school when their stomachs hurt, or they don't have to put their homework in their backpacks because Mom will bring it to them. (!)

So, the other day, my youngest called me from school - it was the stomach ache trick. I went over to the school to get him, and while I waited for him to get his "stuff" from the locker, I noticed a cool quote on the wall. Yep... I went through that whole explanation, just to lead up to this:

Be careful of your thoughts - for your thoughts become your words
Be careful of your words - for your words become your actions
Be careful of your actions - for your actions become your habits
Be careful of your habits - for your habits become your character
Be careful of your character - for your character becomes your destiny.

LOVE IT! Oh, and by the way, kids, I'm working from home - remember?! I do have a job... I'm not just sitting around, waiting for you to call with problems! Geez!
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