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My Family

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tuesday Tales - Memories with Grandma Carolyn

Today is my mother-in-law's 75th birthday. I've been remembering some of the things that have happened in the past with her and my kids. Here's some memories:

When Michael was born, Carolyn and Dick came to visit us in New Jersey. They were so nice to stay with Michael while Rick and I took Granter to the zoo. We both felt bad for Grant - going from an only child to a big brother! It was a fun day.

Once, when they visited us in North Carolina, Rick and I went with Carolyn and Dick to tour Biltmore. It was so much fun spending time with them.

When we lived in Pennsylvania, and Alex was born, they visited again. We drove down to Washington DC and visited all of the cool tourist attractions. I remember walking up to the Lincoln Memorial with them. It was on that trip that Carolyn broke her tooth and we had to find a dentist!

I seem to remember there was an episode with her white pants and an "accident" with one of the babies on the ferry in New Jersey/New Year, but I can't remember the details!

One of the fun times my kids had when they were little was when we went to Knoebles amusement park with Grandma and Grandpa Herron. Alex stood at the top of the bridge above the log ride, and got completely soaked!

Here's one of the fun stories Carolyn shared with me about Rick:
"When Rick and Kara first moved to New Jersey, Rick called me one day and was so excited. He said that they were in New York City and at the top of the Empire State Building. He just wanted to share the adventure with me. He told of all the things he could see from up there. I was very touched that he wanted to share his excitement with me."

I've known Carolyn for more than 28 years, and it's been a privilege being part of her family. She's got wonderful kids, and great grandkids - I'm sure she is proud of the job she has done as matriarch of this family. Happy Birthday Carolyn! We love you!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

Today, in church, the subject was "What is your favorite hymn?" There were several speakers who shared their favorites, and then we sang each hymn as they shared thoughts about them. As I listened, I flipped through the hymnbook, trying to decide which was my favorite. There were so many hymns that have touched my life in one way or another. Because I Have Been Given Much, The Spirit of God Like A Fire Is Burning, As I Search the Holy Scriptures, Each Life That Touches Ours For Good.. and I could go on and on. So, I can't really pick a favorite, but I wanted to share one hymn today. This hymn has special meaning to me this Christmas. I've been helping my sister's foundation - The Four of Hearts - trying to provide Christmas for 16 families this year. My whole family got involved: Rick helped set up and clean up at our last sale, Michael helped load and unload boxes and clothing at several of our sales, Alex and Matthew helped unload, wrap gifts, and deliver, and Grant helped gather donated gifts from the community. Helping Kris's family was a great opportunity to teach the kids about love and charity. I'm very proud of all of the boys who participated this year - not just my own kids, but my nephews and their friends as well. The following hymn is a reminder that as we "love one another" and serve and help those who are less fortunate than us, we are loving and serving the Savior, and becoming more like him...

A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

A poor wayfaring man of grief
Hath often crossed me on my way,
Who sued so humbly for relief
That I could never answer nay.
I had not power to ask his name
Whereto he went, or whence he came;
Yet there was something in his eye
That won my love; I knew not why.

Once, when my scanty meal was spread,
He entered; not a word he spake,
Just perishing for want of bread.
I gave him all; he blessed it, brake,
And ate, but gave me part again.
Mine was an angel's portion then,
For while I fed with eager haste,
The crust was manna to my taste.

I spied him where a fountain burst
Clear from the rock; his strength was gone.
The heedless water mocked his thirst;
He heard it, saw it hurrying on.
I ran and raised the suff'rer up;
Thrice from the stream he drained my cup,
Dipped and returned it running o'er;
I drank and never thirsted more.

'Twas night; the floods were out; it bles
A winter hurricane aloof.
I heard his voice abroad and flew
To bid him welcome to my roof.
I warmed and clothed and cheered my guest
And laid him on my couch to rest;
Then made the earth my bed, and seemed
In Eden's garden while I dreamed.

Stripped, wounded, beaten nigh to death,
I found him by the highway side.
I roused his pulse, brought back his breath,
Revived his spirit, and supplied
Wine, oil, refreshment - he was healed.
I had myself a wound concealed
But from that hour forgot the smart,
And peace bound up my broken heart.

In pris'n I saw him next, condemned
To meet a traitor's doom at morn.
The tide of lying tongues I stemmed,
And honored him 'mid shame and scorn.
My friendship's utmost zeal to try,
He asked if I for him would die.
The flesh was weak; my blood ran chill,
But my free spirit cried, "I will!"

Then in a moment to my view
The stranger started from disguise.
The tokens in His hands I knew;
The Savior stood before mine eyes.
He spake, and my poor name He named,
"Of Me thou hast not been ashamed.
These deeds shall thy memorial be;
Fear not, thou didst them unto Me."

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lots of things have been going on in our family. I haven't posted for quite awhile!

Recently, I worked with the Four of Hearts to have a sale to earn money that we can use to provide Christmas for 10 families. The sale didn't go as well as we'd hoped, but we are still going to try to help all 10 families.

I just had the Sister Survivors Breast Cancer group Christmas party at my house last Thursday. It was so much fun! Really enjoyed the evening.

Almost everyone in my family has been sick... me, Michael, Alex, and now Matthew. We've got this crazy cold/flu thing that's been going around. Wish we could just get better.

Grant was in an accident on Saturday! Someone rear-ended the car behind him, and they were too close to him, and slammed right into his car! Such a bummer. It's probably going to be totaled by the insurance company. I'm sad for him - he loves his car.

I've been reading the Pendragon books this last 2 months. There are 10 in the series. Amazing books! Michael was ready them too - he finished the last one just a few days before I did. I'll do a book review on them soon.

Rick got me a Nook from Barnes and Noble for Christmas. It's kind of like a Kindle - an electronic book reader. It's so cool!

We got our decorating done for Christmas. The 12 foot tree is up for the first time in 4 years. The kids helped, and that made things so much easier. I got 2 smaller trees to go in the arches leading into my family room. All in all, I decorated 5 trees in my house this year. I love Christmas.

Rick just got back from a business trip. He was originally scheduled to go from the 12th to the 23rd, but had to go somewhere else last week. So, his boss said he doesn't have to go for the rest of the month. This is a good thing! He would have missed our 25th anniversary on the 17th!

We finally got a new back door. The one we've had for 10 years has been falling apart for 3 or 4 years. So, now we have one that has blinds inside of the window. It's pretty cool.

Well, that's all for now. One of my goals for the coming year is to keep this blog updated. I've been spending time each day updating my Sister Survivors Breast Cancer Support group blog, so this one has kind of suffered. And my Incredible Women blog has suffered even more. I'm just trying to fit too much into my schedule.
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