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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's Your Rashee?

My husband is HOOKED on India movies. It's really funny. He loves the beautiful women, the dancing, the stories, the subtitles... everything! I used to wake up on Sunday mornings to the sound of Hindi in my house. One of the channels on t.v. showed Indian movies, and he just couldn't miss even one. Then, he made me watch one - it was called Bollywood Hero (I think), and it wasn't a truly Indian movie, but I got the idea.

I really liked it. My favorite parts were the dancing parts. And the women are truly, unbelievably, beautiful! The guys aren't bad either. I've now seen several Indian movies. One of my favorites... Ghajini. It's an action/thriller. SO GOOD. Check out the actor and actress in this show...

A few weeks ago, we had some friends over to watch a movie. And, of course, Rick had to show them an Indian film. The one he picked wasn't really the greatest. We didn't get to finish it because everyone fell asleep (except Rick, of course), but it wasn't all the movie's fault. They were just too tired. We tried again tonight. We went to Lori and Steve's house and Steve had found one on Netflix that we streamed to his Blue-Ray player. It was called "What's Your Rashee?". Ok, I now have a new favorite Indian movie. Here's the poster for it...

It's about a guy from India who lives in Chicago. His parents get him to return home to help the family, because his brother owes lots of money to some Indian mafia guys, and the grandfather is going to gives him lots of money when he gets married. The parents want him to marry someone, inherit the money, and pay off his brothers debts. So, he decided that he'll do it. His uncle puts an ad on the internet and 176 girls respond. He reads a book about the signs of the zodiac and how there are 12 different kinds of girls - just like the signs. He decides he'll meet 12 different girls - each with one of the zodiac signs - and he'll choose from them. (If you think this explanation is long, you should see the movie! 3 1/2 hours!!!!). Yes, he does meet each one of them, and there is a musical number for each one. It was so great! Funny thing about this movie - all 12 girls are played by the same actress! Here's a sneak peak...

If you've never seen an Indian movie, you really should. I'll try to review some more on this blog. The next movie we'll be watching with Lori and Steve (our best friends) is called "Bride and Prejudice". NO LIE! And yes, Darcy is really cute. So is Elizabeth. Here's a peek at Bride and Prejudice...
I've already seen it twice! Haha!

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Stephen and Debbie said...

We watched Balliwood Hero. It was pretty good.

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