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My Family

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Matthew

Today is my baby's birthday. Matthew is 13! I thought I'd do a little tribute to him, so, here we go....
What an adorable baby! This was taken right after his first surgery on his eyelid. (Matthew was born with Marcus Gunn Jaw-Winking Ptosis. That's where the nerves that make his eye wink, and his jaw open and shut, are crossed in his brain. He has been through several surgeries - he is my hero. He was such a good patient. Such a happy baby. Hardly ever complained.
Here's Matthew on the bottom of the wrestling pile - like always! Daddy would have to protect him from those rough brothers!
After another surgery - see what I mean about a happy baby?!

One of my favorite pictures of Matthew. He was helping me decorate for Christmas.

At Children's Hospital in Philadelphia - before a surgery.

I found Matthew one day, asleep in his Blues Clues chair. Adorable.
Here he is with his potty chart - he is very proud!
Matthew was not happy that I put padding ALL OVER him so that he wouldn't get hurt if... I mean, WHEN... he fell. I even strapped a pillow to his butt. Haha!
Taking Blue and the rest of his favorite stuffed animals for a ride.

At Chuckie Cheeses

With Dad on the tube at Flaming Gorge.
Yet another surgery. Brave boy!
Visiting Yellowstone - he had a great time.
Matthew always opened his eyes REALLY big when we took pictures so that his left eyelid wouldn't be down too far. His eyelid is hooked to his eyebrow - so that's the way he keeps his eye open. I always thought that was cute.

At the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.
One of Matthew's favorite Halloween costumes.
At Hogle Zoo, in the bird sanctuary.

Holding a school project...
Jumping on the new trampoline.
With his Goofy hat at Disneyland.

A Science Fair project
Yet another Science Fair project (do they EVER end?!)
12th birthday
Waiting to welcome brother, Grant, home from his mission to Japan. He hasn't seen him for 2 years! Matthew changed alot.
6th grade graduation
Playing pool at the Herron Family reunion in Heber.
Latest "Brothers" picture
Matthew Colby Herron - 2010

Matthew, I hope you have a great birthday. I love you. You have been the BEST kid - always helping out, doing so well in school. I can't believe you are a teenager! Here's to a great year!


Stephen and Debbie said...

I love this picture of him in the roller blades! The roller blades looks as big as he was! :) Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

Grant Herron said...

He looks a lot like Michael to me in a lot of the pictures.

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