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My Family

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Blog You'll Enjoy - I promise!

On my new schedule, Tuesday's are for promoting someone else's blog, so I'm excited to point you in the direction of...

This is "Henry the Frog - A lucky father of four, living the dream. Making readers laugh or roll their eyes since 2004". I really love this blog. It's the only one I read whose author is a guy! He's really funny and entertaining. So, pop that URL into your address line and ENJOY!

Oh, and I wanted to share my new office with all of you, because I'm SOOOOOO excited. Grant moved out, Michael moved downstairs into Grant's room, and Matthew moved upstairs into Michael's room... so, I kicked Rick out of my office and into his own office in Matthew's old room! YAY! I say this, not because I'm glad Rick is no longer taking up space in my office, but because now I have much more room. Room enough to move the leather chair my dad gave us into my office (can you say... READING CHAIR!). So here are the pictures - and I'm sure you'll agree that the decor fits me much more than it fits Rick! But, first.... Rick's new office:

This is Rick's new office - I tried to paint it, but he didn't want me to - BORING! But, he has a bigger bookcase than me (he wouldn't trade - I think he resents me kicking him out!) and he has this cool futon thing for Grant to sleep on when he comes home to visit - we are "storing" it for some friends (thanks, Larsens).

This is my desk - look at that HUGE window I get to look out of!

This is my bookcase (think I need a bigger one?! And those are just SOME of my favorite books!) and the cute shelf on the RED wall that I LOVE!)

That's the printer and the bulletin boards on the right of the desk.

This is the filing cabinet that Michael made me in woodshop, in Jr. High (He just finished his first year of COLLEGE - yep, it took that long - we finally sanded and painted it a few months ago!) It's pretty sweet, huh?!

A view of that scrumptious, comfy chair - it's old, but, hey - it's leather, so it just gets better with age! And, yes, it is as comfortable as it looks!

That's the picture of a Stripling Warrior and his Mom (from the Book of Mormon) - it matches perfectly (that wasn't even planned - I just found it in my "crap" room downstairs!!!!!). With all the boys I have, what an appropriate picture, right?

So that's my office - are you jealous?! I'm so excited. It looks just the way I've always pictured it. Too bad I had to get rid of a kid (read *adult* here) to get my office! Ha...ha...ha... yeah.


Vilate Thacker said...

how exciting for you! I would love to have space, but it would be a craft room not an office. and I still ahve so much stuff it would need to be a BIG room to fit it all. I love that picture though! -how appropriate!

HTF said...

Wow, what an awesome surprise! Thanks for the shout out! I'll try not to disappoint.
Also, love the office. In my house my "office" is typically the kitchen table. I strategically surround myself with left over dishes from dinner and sticky placemats. I think I like yours better...

FitToSeeJane said...

It looks great. I do love the color. Ar you enjoying the space of your own? Even with just the laptop in here I feel a little luxurious. Thanks for visiting he little white attic!

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