My Family

My Family

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Herron Family Update - Where is everyone??!!

Saturday is FAMILY UPDATE DAY, so here goes...

Rick is biking with high school friends in Delta, UT. They are going 50 miles today.

Grant has less than a week left in Japan. He better work hard!

Michael left this morning to return to UT from NY. He is driving with friends, Ashley and Garrett.

Alex headed down to BYU for a band festival today with the Symphonic Band.

Matthew is camping with the scouts at the sand dunes. They are riding 4-wheelers.

Cocoa Bear is sleeping (no surprise there!) - what a lazy dog. Wonder if she'll dust the furniture for me?

I'm trying to tackle the TO DO list I made a few days ago. There's just too much TO DO! Hopefully by this time next week, the house will be clean, Grant will be home (Yay!), and we'll have tons of friends and family over to eat some yummy food and hang with Grant.

Have a great day.

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