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Monday, November 2, 2009

Falling for FALL

I worked on my Incredible Women blog for an hour yesterday, and wrote a post - and even though it was scheduled to come out today, the 2nd, I'm counting it for the blog post on the 1st - why am I telling you this? Because this month is known as NABLOPOMO - National Blog Post Month (or something like that), and that means I'm going to try to post EVERY DAY. SO, as I said, I'm counting that post for the 1st.

The rest of my posts (one every day) will be on this blog (although I will be posting on my other blogs, too). *sigh* OK, I'm tired of explaining - and you probably don't really care anyway - haha - so, here's today's post...

I'm really excited Fall is here - it's my second favorite season. Last week I thought Fall was going to slip quickly through my fingers, because it was freezing, and it snowed. AND most of the leaves on my beautiful Japanese Maple trees fell off - before I could even enjoy those bright, gorgeous red colors. Bummer. But, the last 3 days have been PERFECT Fall weather - a little bit cool, leaves falling all over, wonderful colors, etc. So, in honor of my 2nd favorite season, here are my TOP 10...

1. Because it's so hot here in Utah during the summer, I LOVE that it's only in the 60s here right now. Just cool enough to wear a jacket.

2. Leaves changing colors. Yellow, orange, red, mixed with the green of the pines - so beautiful.

3. Decorations - this season starts my love of decorating. I had lots of fun Halloween stuff that just got exchanged for Fall decorations. Here are some of my favorites...

4. The color ORANGE. I used to hate this color - but now I love it. It makes everything so warm and inviting. I'm just so happy when I get to change all of my candles to those wonderful shades of orange!

5. And speaking of candles - my next favorite? Pumpkin Spice candles! I wish I could burn this "flavor" all year long - but it isn't quite right in the Spring. I found a new flavor this year - "Farmer's Market" by Yankee Candle. It spells like apples, pears, and other fruit with a spicy scent. Mmmmmm....
(You can tell I love it - there is hardly any left. I need to go get another one!)

6. FOOTBALL! - High school, College, PRO! I love all things football. I'm really sad that my son, Alex, isn't playing this year, although he did play on a Flag Football league for a few weeks. Just NOT as fun to watch as tackle football, though.
(This is Alex from a few years ago - I just LOVE my football boy!)

7. Falling leaves. Even though there aren't as many leaves here as there were in Pennsylvania (where we used to live), it still looks really neat - leaves everywhere!

8. Fall clean-up. There is such a sense of accomplishment once we've done the yard clean-up (although I don't always help). It took me 3 hours this last week to cut down all of the greenery from the dead flowers - irises and lilies. Rick blew out the sprinklers and turned them off. No more lawn mowing!!!! We still have to rake up the leaves on the lawn - and then we are done for the season.

9. FRUIT. The fall brings a harvest of fruit from my in-laws' trees. Plums and apples! I love the smell of my house during the fall, when I am making jam, and drying apples.

10. Mums. I really enjoy these flowers in all of the beautiful Fall colors - deep red-orange, yellow, purple, orange. My goal for next year is to buy several mum plants in deep red-orange, and deep plum colors, and spread them all over my flower bed. I can't wait to see it!

11. One more - my fall ceramic collection. I started collecting these beautiful pumpkin and leaf containers. One of my favorites is the the leaf vase the my parents brought filled with flowers last year!

Enjoy your Fall!

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Rebecca said...

I totally agree, except for the football--it's totally about soccer! Fall is my favorite time of year since Spring in Rexburg is too wet and cold to really enjoy.

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