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My Family

Saturday, May 30, 2009


This post is to celebrate Matthew's "graduation" from 6th grade! I think it's kind of weird to have a graduation ceremony for anything other than high school and college, but whatever. I think a celebration party would be more appropriate. It was very nice, though. The parents were gathered in the gym/lunchroom. The graduates marched in - they were dressed in Sunday best and had made graduation caps with tassels to wear. They were seated and then we watched a slide show of all of their pictures, taken throughout the year. I took a picture of Matthew's picture. Then, the graduation music started and the teachers called each kid's name and they went up to receive their "diploma" (which was just a piece of white paper rolled up and tied). They walked pass a huge gold letter H (for Highland Elementary School). Afterward, the kids exchanged their scrolls for the real certificate. There was cake to eat. On each piece of cake was a little paper person in a graduation cap and gown - the faces were pictures of each kid. That was my favorite part! Hee, hee! We took lots of pictures (which I'll include here) and it was over.

I took Matthew out to lunch afterward - we went to Chilis. To say that Matthew is happy to be done with elementary school would be an understatement. He is thrilled! And I'm happy too. He's my last one in elementary school. Next year I'll have one in jr. high, one in high school, one in college, and one getting ready for a mission. I love my older kids - it's fun to watch as each child grows up - I love hanging out with all of them. I think you grow up with your kids. I use to be a mom who loved little kids, but now I would way rather have older kids.

Congratulations Matthew!

A word about the following pictures... I used a lens ( a 70-300mm) that I normally reserve for outdoor pics. I wanted to get closer than my normal lens (28-80mm) would allow, but I forgot that using this lens would make my pics blurry if I didn't hold perfectly still. Dang it! So, many of these pics are blurry. Bummer.

This first pic is Matthew walking in to the ceremony (he's at the back).

There is Matthew sitting between two girls.

Matthew is already bored (he's yawning!)- he is in the front row on the left side of the picture. One of his friends, Tanner, is at the right (the red head playing with his hat in the second row back).

This is the picture of Matthew on the slideshow.

Matthew receiving his diploma and walking away - these are sooooo blurry!

Matthew in front of the "H". He's so cute! And, Matthew with a group of his friends. Front row (L to R): Jonathon Thain, Seth Glancy, Conner Miles, Kent Adams. Back row (L to R): Joseph Larson, Soloman, and Matthew.

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