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Thursday, July 28, 2011

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Do I look like I want to live in the 60s again?!

I waited until this evening to post today for Thursday Thoughts, mostly because I didn't have alot of thoughts this morning. But, since I've spent the day today shopping, I now have LOTS of thoughts - mostly bad!

Can I just say how much I HATE the clothes they have in stores right now?! Seriously, this is my second day of trying to find a skirt and shirts to wear to church, and I can't find one thing I like. I feel like I'm in some kind of time warp that just dumped me back into the sixties! YUCK! And what's with all the sleeveless shirts? Geez! I'm kind of in between regular sizes and women's sizes right now, and so finding something that fits is impossible. The women's sizes all drown me (I swear, they must think that the bigger someone's butt is, the bigger their boobs are! That is NOT the case, believe me.) Anything I try on looks like I'm a little girl trying on my mom's clothes. It's ridiculous. But, I'm not yet able to get into the biggest of the normal sizes. So, I'm pretty much out of luck.

All I want is a simple skirt - one that comes down to about mid-calf. But, right now, nothing goes below the knee. If I had nice looking knees and calves, that wouldn't be a problem. But, right now, the last thing I want to do is show off my knees and calves. Another problem I have is that the buyers for the stupid stores must think that if you have to wear women's sizes, you are not that into fashion. You must WANT to look like your grandmother! Right?! WRONG! Why, oh why, can't they make those cute dresses in women's sizes too? Huh?

I was so depressed after my shopping trip today, that I ended up at the fabric store, buying this really beautiful, silky material for a skirt. I. DON'T. SEW. Slight problem, there. The last time I tried to just get a bunch of material, hem it, and put an elastic through the waist, I ended up with something that looked like a parachute (complete with wind) around my waist. I looked like I weighed 800 lbs. I know there are patterns, and sewing machines, and WAYS to do this kind of thing, but I don't have a clue. *sigh*

So, now, I'm resorting to trying to order a skirt from the internet. I have a feeling this is not going to go well. If I was a perfect size 8 or whatever, I would probably always order things online, but, well... I'm not.

The good news of the day... I did find 4 new shirts. I have nothing to wear them with, but I feel like I made a little progress today. I'm not even going to tell you what that cost me. Two of them are made from this shimmery, pretty material. Yes, I said TWO. Yes, I did buy the exact same shirt in two different colors, because I just loved it so much.

And, you know, that Dillards store is EXPENSIVE! I'm never going there again. At least not until I'm a gazillionaire.


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Marcindra LaPriel said...

As the gentlemen say in the prison, Suuuuuuuuuuuupoooooooooooort.

Shopping for clothes is a bear. I generally tell myself that I have an hour and that's it because I just might end up cursing if I go much longer than that.

My favorite skirt method: take a pillow case, rip the seam, step through, and just wear a belt to keep it in place. (Granted, it was a RIDICULOUSLY HUGE pillowcase that was far too large for my pillows and just barely gives me enough walking room, but...meh. What can ya do?)

Best of luck finding suitable attire.

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