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My Family

Thursday, January 5, 2012

RECOVERY - The Worst Part of Surgery

PAIN! Yep, the thing I've been dreading is here - recovering from surgery. Yeesh! Ok, I'm just gonna say it - liposuction SUCKS! That's right... it really sucks. I've got bruises everywhere. There are even bruises in places they didn't lipo.

If any of you are wondering - I had a tummy tuck last year to get rid of that scary stuff called abdominal fat. It's really BAD stuff - it can cause things like cancer recurrence - and I'm NOT going through that again, so I thought I'd better say goodbye to the abdominal fat. And, quite frankly, the fastest way to do that is a tummy tuck. So, I did it. But, my doc wouldn't do the lipo part until my scar was completely healed up, and ALL the swelling went down. So, that took like 5 months. And then I got a bacteria in my stomach that made me really sick for a few months, and then my gall bladder freaked out, and I had to postpone the lipo surgery to have my gall bladder taken out! So, here we are - 10 months after the tummy tuck - finishing up.

Yesterday, I went through the joy of losing most of the liquid they pumped into my body (4 liters) - through the incisions. Poor Rick was doing laundry as fast as he could. I was weak from loss of blood. We were both pretty miserable. But, sometime during the night, it stopped. Thank heaven. I went in for a post-op appt. today, and the doctor said it looks good. There's still a bunch of swelling, of course, but he said that within 2-3 months, I'll look much better. YAY!

And the important part... that stupid abdominal fat is GONE. During the first surgery, they cut out 9 lbs of skin and fat! And during this surgery, they removed almost 5 liters of fat. Wow.

Ok, I'm gonna end it here, because it really hurts to sit up in this chair. So... off I go to recover some more. :-)

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Eileen said...

A new year a new you,huh Kara! Hope your feeling better very soon. And if you need anything please call.

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