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My Family

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've been waiting for my husband to help me hang some pictures up for quite awhile now. Believe it or not, I've never hung pictures (formal) of my kids up before. I know... BAD MOM. So... (1) I scheduled a photo shoot with this amazing photographer (Matt Clayton), (2) I had prints made of 5 of the photos, (3) I picked two walls that were glaringly blank, (4) I bought the cool iron decoration, and (5) I laid them all out, and told my husband exactly what I wanted.

Just so you know - I'm not stupid... I know how to hang a picture... but my husband is an engineer - one who likes to read ALL the instructions, take AGES to shop for something, and is CRAZY stressed about getting pictures hung the correct way. After going to the store to buy a whole NEW kit of hanging nails and other paraphernalia, and leaving it sitting on the table for awhile - with no luck - I decided today that I would venture into the world of hanging straight pictures. (I figured, since I was able to create and hang this... hard could it be? I know, you're astonished by my amazing skills - picture finding and printing skills, frame buying skills, hanging skills... you know... skills!)

So, here's my journey... in pictures:

Here's all the "stuff"

Just look at all those nails - I could hang things ALL OVER!!!!

First you hang the two bottom pictures and DON'T FORGET the most important tool in picture hanging - the level.

Then you center the iron thing.

Then you hang the left upper picture where you want it

After CAREFUL measuring and leveling, you hang the final picture up. (They are really very straight - just my camera is crooked.)

The end result! SWEET!

Then, after screwing in the hanging things, and wrapping the wire around, and around, and around some more, I hang the last picture up.

I'm feeling pretty darn proud of myself right now. I mean, it's been almost 10 years with blank walls. Now those disgustingly handsome boys are all hanging around. And talk about stinkin' cute... here are some close-ups of that first picture project...

Talk about skills!... cute-baby-making skills, perfect-handsome-boy-raising skills... skills, I tell ya... SKILLS!

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