My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, for Valentine's Day, my husband gave me a really nice gift. It isn't new. It's not something he went out and bought. But, he spent his time on it, and I really appreciate it.

My grandmother left me this very cool hanging lamp. It was in pretty rough shape - the cord didn't really work - it was coming apart. The chain that hung down (that the cord threaded through) wasn't looking too great anymore. I mean, this lamp is probably 50 years old. It's important to me - I've wanted it for a long time. It just reminds me so much of my grandparents. (It reminds me of my grandma, because everything she had was so well taken care of, and besides the cord, it is in beautiful shape. And it will remind me of my grandfather, because he loved to read - and that's where I'm putting it... just above my reading chair.)

Using stuff we bought a few weeks ago, Rick replaced the cord, and chain last night. The lamp is now working - he then hung it in my office for me.

Here are the pictures (I don't have a before pic, because Rick fixed it without me knowing)...

In the first two pictures, you can't really see how awesome the glass shade it. So here is a close up of that.

Here are close-ups of the wooden pull ball and the wood top. I LOVE this lamp!

I love flowers, candy, jewelry, etc. on Valentine's Day, BUT, this meant more than any of that. Thanks Rick!

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DeNae said...

Growing up, we always had these lovely hanging lamps. You don't see them much any more, do you? Or maybe I'm just not paying attention. That one is beautiful.

And you're right; I think we're supposed to be bloggy pals! I don't give my heart very easily, but when I saw your blog, as well as the ages of your kids (mine are 22, 19, 17, and 14), I knew we'd get along just fine!

I'm going to sign on to be a follower of your blog - and by "your blog" I mean THIS one! Great scott, girl, when I saw your list of blogs I first thought they were the ones you FOLLOW. But no, they're YOUR blogs! It's all I can do to maintain one. I bow to your superior multi-tasking skills.

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