My Family

My Family

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I used to be quite creative. Even when I had 4 little kids running around, I found some time to do creative things with my hands. My favorite thing to do - my love - was counted cross-stitch. I know - can you believe that I actually had time to do that?! Well, when I started working outside of the home, I put all creativity away. I kinda miss it. I've been cleaning out different parts of my house lately, and I've come across things like old cross-stitch magazines, old projects, etc. I even got some treasures from my grandmother - things I made for her years ago. My needlework.

Just looking at these things makes me think that maybe I can pick that HUGE project back up, and even maybe finish it! Here is my *in progress* project.

It's been in progress for forever. In my defense - it's HARD. Really HARD.

Do you think I can finish it? (Look at that package - you can tell it's an old project!)

There's just something about creating something lovely - with your own hands - that makes your world better. :-)


Grant Herron said...

I can't remember a time when you weren't working on that.

Kara Herron said...

Ha, ha! Very funny.

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